What if Every Sentence You Write Could
Almost Effortlessly and Magically
Appear from Your Computer?

What if you could easily and quickly...

  • Write articles, blog posts, solo mailings, even sales letters by simply filling-in-blanks!
  • Refer to hundreds of idea starters for virtually limitless things to write about for every subject!
  • Swipe actual headlines and subject lines that grab your prospects attention.
  • Access a complete library of everything you need to write faster, easier and better for a greater, more profitable business!

Now you can access your content creation package with over 700 pages of fill-in-the-blank templates, swipe files, checklists, case studies, training manuals, and idea starters!

Dear Content Creator,

Imagine for a moment if you took your car to an auto mechanic for a simple oil change, and he told you it would take a full day to complete the simple task.

You look around the garage and there's not another customer in sight. Surely a 20 minute job shouldn't take all day if you're the only customer, right?



The garage is completely empty. There's not a single tool around. Not even a screwdriver or a pair of pliers. No funnels. And certainly there are no power tools or computer diagnostics.

You turn back to the mechanic and look at him quizzically with a cocked eyebrow.


I'm pretty sure if you ran into a mechanic without tools, you'd probably laugh and take your business elsewhere. You'd have to shake your head at anyone who took all day to do a 20 minute job, simply because they were too stubborn to use a few tools - not to mention the right tools.

But you and I both know this is such a completely ridiculous example that it would never happen in real life. You'd never find a mechanic working without tools. And likewise, you'd never find a plumber, carpenter or even a janitor working without the right tools to make the job easier and faster.

Yet take a look around, and you'll see plenty of other professionals working without the right tools -- maybe even YOU. Because if you do ANY type of writing - from blog articles to newsletters to social media posts to sales letters and emails - without the right tools, then you're going to find yourself taking all day to do a 20 minute writing job.


I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about. Some days you just stare at a blank screen. Some days it feels like trying to string a few words together is harder than drawing blood from a turnip. It's frustrating to waste so much time, and it's embarrassing when you don't put out your best work.

Now here's the good news: you can kiss those frustrations goodbye forever - starting today…

CPM5 new

These are the same tips, tricks, templates and tools most of the Internet's top marketers, writers and business owners use every day to create high-quality content that makes an impact, gets results and generates profits! And now you too can use these same tools to create great content faster than ever.

Wondering if you can benefit from this package? If you write any of the following types of content, then this package is right for you:


… And pretty much any other content you need to build your business, connect with your prospects and customers, or to create impressive content for your high paying clients.

If you write at all (and you know you do), then this is certain to be your "go to" resource from now on.

To my knowledge, there's nothing like this on the market. I really believe you've never seen anything like this anywhere. And I'm convinced you won't find a better way to become a better writer.

Those sound like pretty bold claims. Within five minutes of accessing the entire the package, you will have full confidence that this is the real deal. And it's something you could use EVERY DAY in your business.


This is everything you need to know about creating content in any shape and size. This is a lifetime of insight in one program. An entire arsenal of fill-in-the-blank templates and tools that the "pros" use to create high-quality content in a very short amount of time.

Just see for yourself. Make your own decision here. Just take a look at what all you get across six multi-media modules and over 700 pages of tips, tutorials, templates and other tools…

Module 1 - The W.R.I.T.E Way - The Only Way!

Inside this module you'll discover over a hundred pages of fill-in-the-blank templates, swipe files, ideas, examples, checklists and other tools you can use to quickly and easily create content ideas, outlines, sales letters, titles, blog posts and a whole lot more. Just look at what all you get when you order now...

Because this section is all about "How to Write Well." These videos are required material! You'll learn my top 3 secrets to writing well. The videos also walk you through "How to W.R.I.T.E. Content" AND how to generate ideas so you are never stuck staring at a blank screen.

You'll love W.R.I.T.E. because it explains exactly how to . . .

W - WEIGH your idea options.
R - REACH a formatting decision.
I - INTRODUCE supporting points.
T - TELL the relevant details.
E - END by polishing document.

Plus the cheat sheets in this module walk you through how to write more compelling content, and how to write faster. I show you how to improve your writing and how to check your readability. I even share 7 fantastic hidden sources for content.

Plus the templates for this section give you actual swipes that you can download and edit for opening paragraphs and closing paragraphs. Finally, you will never get stuck, because you have the 101 Writing Idea Generators checklist to inspire you.

This section is guaranteed to improve your writing and speed up your writing process.

You also get a complete set of fill-in-the-blank templates including...

101 Writing Idea Generators

verification5Ever get stuck for content? Maybe you'd like to write an article, but you don't know what to write about. Or maybe you'd like to add content to an article, report or book, but you're not sure what to add. These idea generators can help - you'll never be at a loss for words again!

NOTE: Before I go on, I've gotta say that this resource alone is absolute GOLD. It's easily worth every penny you'll pay for this package by itself. Just an unbelievable resource for every content creator. A true "must-have."

3 Easy-to-Follow Videos

play-button4Each video breaks down critical writing secrets that "The Titans" have been using since the very beginning. You know who I'm talking about: The Agoras, The Weiss', The Boardrooms of the world. Now you can have the same advantages as these mammoth content leaders!

50 Starter Sentences

doc2This is your very own "Starter Swipe File". It's a collection of ideas to write about in a single sentence formatted template. You can use the starter sentences to create paragraphs of content about virtually any topic in the world! These starter sentences allow you to quickly find something to write about anytime you want to build content for any document. These ready-made templates are your first step towards getting the sale.

20 Article Openings (with examples)

doc2Sometimes just getting started is the hardest part. These article openings give you specific examples of how to start and pull your reader into your article so they keep reading.

20 Opening Paragraphs

doc2Whether you're writing blog posts, articles, reports, ebooks or even video scripts, you can model your opening paragraph or introduction after one of these 20 openers. Never again will you stare at a blank document trying to figure out how to start your content piece!

20 Closing Paragraphs

doc2The end of any content piece is your chance to recap your most important points and encourage your reader to take action. And inside this section, you'll discover 20 powerful ways to close your articles, blog posts, reports and other content pieces!

No matter what niche you're in, no matter what you're selling and no matter what kind of content you need to create, these fill-in-the-blank templates and examples will help you create your content  faster and easier than ever! That's right, these are "fill-in-the-blank" formatted resources. Plug in your specific details and you're ready to roll.


You get more extraordinarily useful swipe files, ideas, resource guides and examples that you can steal, modify to suit your needs, and use to quickly and easily come up with content ideas, highly persuasive sales copy, engaging blog posts and more. Take a look:

How to Prepare Content Super F.A.S.T.

pdf31If you're like most writers and business owners, you need to create a lot of content… fast. And inside this section you'll discover how to create tons of high-quality content, simply by recycling and repurposing your existing content. You'll love this strategy because it saves you lots of time and money!

7 S.O.U.R.C.E.S. for First-Rate Content

pdf31Although these content ideas were originally designed to help create content for a membership site, you can use them to help you create any type of content. Inside this section you'll discover how to get content created by other experts, how to create "stand alone" content such as worksheets and much more. These ideas will help you create a product or add value to a product!

How to Write Compelling Content That Keeps People Reading

pdf31Don't be the writer whose content puts readers to sleep. Instead, read this section to discover how to write content that keeps your readers hanging on your every word!

7 Writing Helpers Every Content Creator Needs

pdf31These seven resources will help you create good outlines, do your research, write faster, overcome writer's block, connect with your audience and more. You'll even find out how to get others to create your content for you… for free!

You get all these content-creation tools to quickly generate dozens of product ideas, to write better cash-pulling sales letters, and to create better products and other content that leave your customers wanting more!

Yes this is all in the first module!

You will continue to be blown away with the second.

Module 2 - Essays, Blog Posts and Articles - Oh My!

Here you'll find hundreds of pages of rock-solid tips, tricks, and video tutorials you can use to quickly and easily create better blog posts, articles, essays, short reports. You will also learn the secrets to monetizing your content!

You'll discover better ways to get content ideas and then research these ideas to create high-demand content and bestselling products, simply by using the secrets inside these tutorials and swipe files:

20 Article Templates

doc2This easy-to-use swipe file will give you 20 different types of articles you can write. Take these titles and follow the steps to fill in your content. In no time, you'll be cranking out articles, essays and blog posts using these templates.

52 Kinds of Blog Posts

doc2Tired of writing "how to" and "review" posts? Here are 52 types of blog posts you can use to introduce variety to your blog and keep both you and your readers interested! This is a resource that you will refer to over and over again on its own to keep your creative juices flowing. PLUS, it can easily be used for ideas for article writing, small reports and other content as well.

50 Blog Post Titles

doc2Need an eye-catching title? Just use these fill-in-the-blank templates to quickly generate dozens of compelling titles for your blog posts! You will never, never, never again have to struggle with what to write about!

10 High-Read Blog Post Examples

doc2Have you ever noticed that certain blog posts almost always generate a lot of traffic, discussion and sharing? Now you don't have to reverse engineer the magic because I've done it for you with these 10 types of posts that are almost always popular!

How to Write an Article Checklist

verification5From creating a great title to writing the article to crafting a results-getting resource box, this checklist is your key to writing better articles.

The Easiest Ezine Article You Will Ever Write

pdf31You'll find out how to write an awesome article, simply by answering three key questions. It's easy for you, and your readers will love the end result!

How to Write Articles That Get People to Buy

pdf31Inside this eye-opening section, you'll discover something that as few as 10% of article writers know - and once you've mastered this secret, you'll know how to create articles that put money in your pocket!

Are you seeing the incredible resource that is literally at your fingertips? With CONTENT PROFIT MACHINE, you can become the writer you always wanted to be! Now take a look at module three.


Module 3 - The 600 Million Dollar Secret Weapon

How to Write Sales Letters and Promotions That Bring Down the Roof!

If you've ever struggled to create persuasive sales letters, advertisements, landing pages and other sales copy, then these 237 pages of templates and tutorials are going to be your saving grace.

Now you too can create content that gets your readers to take action, join your list, share your content and buy your products!

You get these content-creation tools to quickly generate dozens of product ideas, to write better cash-pulling sales letters, and to create better products and other content. Take a look:

27 Hot Buttons for Sales Writing

pdf31People won't buy unless you give them a good reason to buy. And that's what these 27 hot buttons do - they give your prospects a good reason to buy from you. From creating scarcity to tapping into emotion, each of these buttons is sure to help you boost your conversion rate!

The Follow-Up Formula: 27 Ways to Use Content to Get Sales

pdf31You've heard the money is in the list. But that doesn't mean you can send any ol' kind of emails to your subscribers to get results. If you want to make money with your list, you need to use profitable emailing strategies. And inside this section you'll discover 27 proven ways to turn your autoresponder or mailing list content into cash in the bank!

Five amazing videos on how to write to sales letters and promotions

play-button4In these videos, I walk you through the parts of sales letter, explaining each one. Then we talk about the 8 principles of great copy that I used to add millions of dollars to the bottom lines at Agora, Early to Rise and Weiss Research. Then in the 3rd video, you'll see exactly how to write your own profitable promotion. Video 4 talks about how to use content to get sales, and then in video 5, I tell you the three things to do if you are stuck!

My MaryEllen Rewrites Resource Guide

pdf31In this guide, you'll get real-life examples from my own businesses. I share the old, the new, and the "why" behind what I changed. You can use these same simple techniques to super-charge your promotional pieces.

You'll also get a complete set of copywriting templates to edit and create your own sales letters, promotional pieces and more. Just fill in the blanks to create eye-popping, high-response sales copy in a matter of minutes. Here's what you get:

Copywriting Questionnaire

doc2Whether you're creating a sales letter for your own product or one for a client, you can use this questionnaire to better understand the product and the audience so you can write a letter which really connects with your readers!

3 Sales Letter Templates

doc2Even if you don't like to write, you can download and edit these templates to have your own sales letter created from proven and tested templates.

How to Write a Sales Letter Checklist

verification5This comprehensive checklist guides you through the entire process of writing a compelling sales letter, from profiling your target market to creating an attention-getting headline to writing a cash-pulling call to action.

15 Ways to Promote Offers in Content

doc2You're already creating a lot of content - but do you know the secrets of using this content to promote offers the right way? Inside this swipe file, you'll discover 15 proven ways to directly and indirectly promote your offers - this is a must-read for anyone who creates content!

10 Solo Mailing Templates

doc2When you are ready to send out your promotion to your mailing list, these templates will make it simple to tell them what you are selling (and get them buying)! I like them so much, I even wrote 3 more, in addition to the first 10 templates. With 13 templates, you'll never be stuck for promotional content again!

When you get going on your sales letters, you'll even have templates and swipes for each of the individual sections. Check these out:

20 Prehead Templates

doc2You'll discover how to surprise your readers, tap into their hidden desires, arouse their curiosity and much more. These pre-headline templates set the hook so you can start reeling in your prospects!

30 Headline Templates

doc2These headlines work like sticky traps that glue your prospects to your sales letter! Whether you want to warn your prospects, surprise them, delight them or get them excited about your offer, you'll get the perfect template for the job!

15 Subheadline Templates

doc2The dream is that every prospect reads every word of your letter. The reality is that a large chunk of your prospects are going to skim your letter. That's why you'll want to use these enticing sub-headlines to re-grab the attention of your prospects and get them moving towards your order button, fast!

20 Posthead Templates

doc2You'll find out how to start eliminating your prospects' objections, whet their appetites, create urgency around your offer and much more!

20 Ways to Open Your Letter

doc2You think thriller novels pin readers to the edge of their seats? Just wait till you see these templates for telling stories, empathizing with your prospect, making the prospect feel special and other surefire ways to engage your readers and keep their eyeballs on your letter!

15 Ways to Introduce an Offer

doc2Sure, you can just directly say "here's my product and here's what it will do for you." Or you can use these templates to share a secret discovery, establish your credibility, prove your case or even spike your prospect's curiosity!

15 Ways to Offer Proof

doc2You can use screenshots, videos, endorsements and much, much more to melt your skeptics' resistance and get them urgently hitting your "buy now" button! I'll show you all of it.

50 Fill-In-The-Blank Bullet Points

doc2These are the mouthwatering parts of your sales letter that turn a lukewarm prospect into someone who is absolutely convinced they need to get their hands on your offer now. These bullet points will arouse curiosity, share benefits, and hit all of your prospects' hot buttons with ease!

15 Ways to Call the Prospect to Action

doc2Here you'll discover how to call your prospect to action by reversing risk, justifying the price, creating a sense of urgency and other irresistible methods for closing the sale! It's not enough to present your offer, you have to tell the prospect to buy ... and tell them in a language that they can relate to.

15 Ways to Express a Guarantee

doc2You'll get a full set of templates, including guarantees you've never even knew existed, like hybrid guarantees, exceptionally compelling guarantees and much more. Reverse the risk and watch your conversion rate soar!

15 P.S. Templates

doc2Your postscript is one of the most-read parts of your entire letter - and that means your P.S. can literally make or break your offer's success! That's why you'll love using these surefire templates that close the sale by reminding prospects of the benefits, offering a special bonus, and much more!

Module 4  - You the Product Owner

How to Plan, Research, and Design Products
AND Membership Sites That Produce Revenue!

You'll discover everything you need to know about creating products that your readers can't wait to buy using these tutorials:

How to Plan, Research and Design an Information Product

pdf31Did you know the key to creating a bestselling product starts with good research? However, most people don't know the right way to research their products. Give yourself an edge by discovering the research secrets inside this section!

The Five Essential Steps Workbook

open182In this huge workbook, I share my five essential steps for planning, researching and designing your next product. The workbook includes the following:

  • Case Study: How to Turn Bullet Points into Info Product Ideas: Have you ever struggled to come up with an idea for a new product? Just read this case study, and you'll discover a clever trick for generating dozens or even hundreds of new product ideas - you'll love this!
  • 17 Best Types of Information Products: Not sure what format you want? This module gives you 17 different ways to create your product (or even repurpose your content into new formats)!
  • 3 Product Outline Templates: Then you can use the outline templates to know exactly how to structure your new product.
  • 27 Red-Hot Lessons and Topics for Your Next Information Product: Here you'll discover over two dozen different ways to share ideas in your product. You'll get all sorts of ideas, from creating a traditional "how to" report to creating a "pop culture lessons" report that your readers are sure to love!
  • 27 Ideas for Membership Sites: You've heard starting a membership site is a profitable venture. That's true. But coming up with a good profitable idea for a membership site tends to trip up most people. Until now - because inside this section, you'll discover over two dozen niche ideas you can use to create your own lucrative membership site!
  • 6 M.O.D.E.L.S. for Membership Site Lessons: If you're creating a membership site, you can use these 6 M.O.D.E.L.S. to structure your content and ideas. For example, you'll discover how to create an article that uses your mistakes to teach your readers.

Checklist: How to Plan, Research and Design an Information Product

verification5Does creating an information product feel overwhelming? Make it easier by using this checklist to help you research, outline, and create reports, ebooks and other information products quickly and easily!

25 Product Title Templates

doc2Your title is so important to the success of your new information product. Take this swipe file and pick one of the 25 product titles and fill in the blanks for your own successful product.

Come on now - isn't it time you had your very own product or membership site to sell? Now you can! Module 4 is your gateway to personal freedom! When you get done with this module, you'll have the content for your entire information product fleshed out and outlined.

Now take a look at module 5 where you will discover the true meaning of an ambassador!

Module 5  - Your Brand Ambassador.

How to Write Lead Magnets that "WOW"!

You'll discover everything you need to know about creating first-rate lead magnets that keep your readers hanging on your every word just by using these tutorials and templates:

How to Write P.A.G.E.S. of High-Demand Content

pdf31Inside this section you'll discover a simple five-step system for creating long content (such as report and ebooks) faster, easier and better than ever before!

42 Lead Magnet Titles and Subtitles

doc2The title is the most important part of your lead magnet, because people will make their decision about whether to read your report just based on the title. Now you can quickly and easily generate an attention-getting title using these 42 fill-in-the-blank templates - it's easy!

5 Fill in the Blank Content Templates

doc2Regardless of your niches or audience, these templates give you everything you need to complete your very first lead magnet in no time flat. They provide you with the perfect structure so that you are creating fans every time you publish one!

2 Video Tutorials including The Number One Secret 90% of Writers Don't Know!

play-button4Inside this video you can literally gain inside information only a handful of writers enjoy (and profit from)!

Now let's jump right into module 6.

Module 6  - The Art of the First: How to Write Subject Lines,
Titles and Headlines That SCREAM!

In this final module I reveal my secrets for writing the best subject lines, titles and headlines. Remember if these "Firsts" are not great, your message will NEVER get read, regardless how valuable it may be.

I share the three most important elements of the "Firsts". I even give you swipe files so you can pick a perfect one! Just take a look at ALL you get:

75 Templates for Subject Line, Titles and Headline That Get Read

doc2These subject lines, titles and headlines grab the attention of your prospects to get your email opened! Remember you could have the greatest content or copy inside waiting for them, but if they do not open your email, they will never see it!

The More Thoughtful, the More Rewards

pdf31In this extensive resource guide, I explain what it takes to write a subject line that gets your reader to open and keep reading. It includes:

  • The 5 Worst Subject lines: Not only do I give you the 5 worst subject lines, I explain why they simply don't work. This way you do not have to make the same mistake!
  • The 5 Best Subject lines: What make these 5 subject lines so great? I share it all in this special resource guide!

A Video Tutorial About "The Best "Copywriter" You Never Heard Of

play-button4In this video I share a story of the best copywriting lesson I ever received and it is not from any "copywriter" you ever heard of. This is the one lesson I use for every subject line, headline and title I write and review!


Content Profit Machine is an unbelievable resource. You'll discover everything you need to know about creating first-rate content that keeps your readers hanging on your every word.

You'll learn dozens of ways to improve your writing - not only will your readers enjoy your content more, but you'll earn more money for every word you write. Here are just a few of the tutorials you'll get to help you do exactly that:

How to I.M.P.R.O.V.E. Your Information Writing

pdf31Your readers are more interested in getting good information than they are interested in you writing perfectly grammatically correct content. And that's why this section will show you how to write content that enthralls your readers and leaves them wanting more!

7 Writing Helps for Every Content Creator

pdf31These seven articles will help you create good outlines, do your research, write faster, overcome writer's block, connect with your audience and more. You'll even find out how to get others to create your content for you… for free!

The Easiest Ezine Article You Will Ever Write

pdf31You'll find out how to write an awesome article, simply by answering three key questions. It's easy for you, and your readers will love the end result!

How to Write Articles That Get People to Buy

pdf31Inside this eye-opening section, you'll discover something that as few as 10% of article writers know - and once you've mastered this secret, you'll know how to create articles that put money in your pocket!

Stuck? 3 Copywriting Helps for Every Sales Piece

pdf31You'll get 10 fill-in-the-blank headline templates to create attention-getting headlines fast, the secrets of boosting your response rate by creating urgency, plus you'll even find out how to connect with your readers by telling stories. These are the three tools every copywriter ought to have in his toolkit!


Just when you think there couldn't possibly be more in CONTENT PROFIT MACHINE- I am throwing in a crazy BONUS absolutely FREE!

edit34You also get the bonus, How to Write a Winning Promotion in 10 Days! This is your crash course in creating cash-pulling promotions! That's right, this special bonus breaks down the exact steps for writing your next promotion in 10 easy steps that you can accomplish in just 10 days. No matter what subject, niche or project, you will be able to complete your promotion on time. And the sooner the promotion is complete, the sooner the cash can start rolling in.

Inside this tutorial you'll discover:

  • How to create sizzling headlines and subheadlines that attract attention and arouse curiosity.
  • How to create openers that grab your readers by the shirt collar and keep their eyes glued to your letter.
  • How to quickly and easily create effective bullet points, strong guarantees, cash-pulling postscripts, conversion-boosting calls to action, and everything else you need to create a high-response sales letter.


The bottom line is…



Listen, this is what I use myself. I'm not pushing you off onto a product that I've never tried, nor even own. I'm not selling you something that I know nothing about. I've been making my living as a writer for most of my adult life, online and offline. This is how I feed my family, pay my mortgage, travel the world and how I have written TWO best-selling books. As a matter of fact you know, like and trust me from my writing! And if there is one thing I know, it is info writing.

In fact, here is what one of my coaching clients, Bill Guting, had to say…

MaryEllen has a unique ability to cut through the clutter, make things simple, and to only focus on those activities that have the highest impact on your revenues and bottom line profits.

Her courses and advice have guided me in totally transforming my business. And in just one short 30 minute consultation, she was able to dissect the one main challenge I was having, and gave me an idea that will add over a quarter million dollars to my bottom line in just a few short months.

And that's not even the best part. Incredibly, the plan she laid out should only take 4-5 hours a month to implement!

She's a direct marketing genius whose passion and enthusiasm is infectious. If you're looking to start or grow an online business (and want lifestyle to boot), I strongly recommend you follow and listen to everything she says!

Bill Guting
  • Impress your readers with your high-caliber writing style.
  • Build a following of loyal fans who love your content.
  • Persuade people to take action.
  • Make more money from every word you write.
  • Create great articles, products and more.
  • And do it all faster and easier than you ever thought possible…

… Then you need the Ultimate Writing System - Content Profit Machine!


This will help you write everything: blog posts, articles, short reports, ebooks, Kindle books, book "blurbs", video scripts, newsletters, inbox magazines, solo emails, autoresponder series emails, press releases, sales letters, landing pages, advertisements, forum posts, social media posts, joint venture proposals and more!

IMPORTANT: Even though this is a huge collection of tools spread across over 700 pages, it's all neatly organized in six modules with a complete table of contents and easy-to-follow videos.

And that means whenever you need a specific writing tool, you can just go directly to it and start using it immediately.

It's fast. It's easy. And it will make you a better writer! And that is exactly what you need to make a better living!

By this time it's pretty clear that this is the system you need to build your business, create compelling content, slash your writing time and be a better writer. So you have just one question left…

  How Much Does This System Cost?


Nothing on the market even comes close to what I'm offering here. And yet I've seen writing tools and systems with half of what's included in this collection go for thousands of dollars.

This huge collection of amazing tools certainly is worth that or more, simply because it WILL make you a better, faster writer not to mention if used correctly, real profits!

But you don't have to invest that much today to access this system. If you act right now, you can get the entire collection of over 700 pages, six modules and 47 tools and tutorials for the special price of just $297.

I Could Easily Sell This For $997

I could easily sell this for $997 or more. But because I believe in true "business karma," I am slashing the price. Because I know you will love this system so much that you will tell at least one friend or business colleague and I will end up with even more content creators and writers who are ready to grow their business!

Listen, you won't find a better investment in your business or yourself. Think about it...

If these tools save you just a couple hours of time this week, then this package will pay for itself immediately. Or maybe you'll use these tools to instantly create a compelling sales letter, in which case you'll recoup your investment even faster once you make a few sales!

Simply put, this package is an excellent investment for your business. You simply will use it over and over again. And the sooner you start using it, the sooner you'll be able to create better content which generates more traffic, more loyal readers, more customers and puts more money in the bank.


Instead of putting all these valuable secrets in one big book, we have broken out a lifetime of secrets into small digestible pieces.

We have created an easy to use "Members Only" site where you will find videos, audios, transcripts, checklists, resource guides, articles, workbooks, swipe files and templates. We have placed everything you need to become a better writer, in a fast and easy to use format that you can access 24/7!

And here's the best part - YOU GET IMMEDIATE ACCESS!

That's right, when you order below you will immediately have access to everything you need to write faster and easier for a better business!

You get the best of all worlds!

Whether you find it more convenient to watch, listen or read - you get it all with CONTENT PROFIT MACHINE. Our easy to follow "Members Only" site lets you choose!


My 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You have a full 30 days to put CONTENT PROFIT MACHINE to the test. If by the end of the training, you don’t feel like the templates, checklists, workbooks, swipe files have made you a better writer and saved you time…you can feel free to ask for a full refund.

All I ask is that you do your part and give it a fair shot…

It’s as simple as that…Start writing better, easier and more quickly TODAY!!


So there's just one thing left for you to do…

Take out your credit card and click the button below to order now, because this is your new "secret weapon" for creating content that impresses your readers and puts more money in your pocket!



P.S. Yes, this package includes all the templates, checklists, case studies, swipe files and other tools that the pros use to create stunning content as quickly as possible. And now for the first time ever you can have access to these tools to make all your writing better, easier and faster. Don't write another word until you join this writing system today!